Monday, May 14, 2012

updates! acne journey

so yes! imma post an update to my acne journey.

i'm still using eskinol+maxipeel on my face. but lately, i stopped using a product and added something on my clear acne routine.
before, i used to use maxipeel exfoliant cream after the eskinol+maxipeel, now i don't. every bath, i use kojie san soap on my face before washing it with maxipeel exfoliant scrub. most people say that kojie san soap helps whiten skin, so i use it to help lighten my acne scars.

so my updated skin routine is composed of:
• kojiesan soap
• maxipeel exfoliant scrub
• maxpeel/eskinol
• drink lots of water

er... you'll notice that i don't use moisturizer. well, i still can't find the right moisturizer that i like, so for now, i don't use anything XD

here's an update after using eskinol+maxipeel for 2 months now.

 this is before i use maxipeel + eskinol

after a month

after 2months

as you can observe, my skin is a bit reddish, but don't worry it doesn't hurt or anything. the redness will disappear after 10-15 minutes, when your skin cooled down. i guess it is just a normal reaction after using the products. i still have scars though, but i believe that kojiesan soap helps lighten it a bit for a month. 

i might try diamond peel soon to zap the scars out quickly. but i am not yet sure when and where. i will post an update regarding that. for now, i'll give my acne routine a month more to see what improvements it can make. :D 

thank you for reading hope it helps. :D you can read my previous post for more info: acne journey

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  1. Pwde po pspecify ung pggmet at routine pti nrn po ng mga gnmet nyong products pra mkbili rn po ako. Mgnda po kung may pics. Thank u :)