Sunday, September 30, 2012

Palty Hair Dye: Hard Bleach Golden Brown

Haha! Oh yeah~ I bleached my hair again, for the nth time~ butjust the 2nd time this year. :P Yeah you guessed it right, my hair is already "dead" since I've bleached it countless times last year. anyway! since I'm so f*cked up with all the salon bleaching, I tried to bleach my own hair with Palty Hair Dye (got it from japanichi for 600).

So let me show you my hair before I used the dye.

Its red (top part) and hot pink (lower part) that faded. So hmmm.. its a bit lighter than my natural hair color. And the lower part is bleached so its lighter than the top part. 

This is what i used. I guess I should have bought the sparkling blonde since its lighter. -____- toooooo late. but anyway.


freshly bleached hair~ ahaha! LOL. Sorry for the photos its a bit crappy since i just used my phone's camera. but anyway, my lower part went a bit more pale than the top part. :)) so i still have 2 shades.. :P 


• Doesn't sting my scalp
• Smell is bearable
• Easy to apply
• Results match pretty well with the photo in the box

• Instructions are in japanese but you can easily interpret the illustrations
• Not available in local stores. You have to buy it online

That's pretty much it! Hope this helped. Hehe.
If you want to buy japanese products such as this, you can visit Japanichi's website at
(smooth transaction! very accomodating and understanding seller!)

Thanks for reading! Bye~

Coming up soon!

Will try to combine them though just in case cotton candy pink won't come out well. XD BUT! I will still bleach my hair more... with a safer dye this time. I might try Etude House Bubble Hair Dye in Blonde

Hope this one will help lighten my hair more than now. :P You can get them at any Etude House Stores.

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Acne Journey Update -- 7 months

So... yeah... here's my bare face after using the mixture for almost 7months~ LOL... def no makeup (eyebags and dark circles T_T) yeah i still do break out every month (you know whyyyy~~~) LOL but it can easily be fixed by the mixture within a week (notice the pimple mark on the side of my nose?) lol. Hehehe... this is just a quick update so dont expect much :P

YES! I'm still using the mixture until now, twice a day after bath :P So if you haven't seen how the mixture is done and haven't checked my progress, you can visit my previous posts here:

Goodluck! And I want to thank all the people who messaged me and commented (personally and in here) with my post and progress. :D It would be really nice if you can share your success story here so other people can see that the mixture really works~ That's it for now~ Bye~ <3