Friday, May 17, 2013

HAUL for the week: Etude House and Shiseido

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Hi! After ages~ I'm back with a mini haul :P This haul may be small but I must say I spent a bit more than usual. ahaha! This will just serve as a "Haul Post" so there will be no detailed description or whatsoever. Anyway~ Here's what I got.

Let me start with Shiseido

Brand: Shiseido
Category: Skin Care
Line/Collection: Pureness
Where to purchase: Any Shiseido Stores and Stalls that can be found in Rustan's or Watsons
Price: Php 2,650 (I think.. sorry if I'm wrong >_<)
Includes: Cleanser, Softener, and Moisturizer

Oh yes~ I got their Pureness starter kit. Actually I've been using the facial cleanser for more than 2 months already. I purchased the full size of the cleanser before purchasing this kit. Why? Coz it is cheaper compared to this kit XD LOL and believe me, it made wonders on my problematic skin. I'll make a thorough review on it soon. (if I'm not that lazy~)

Here are some more photos of the product.

and Now for  the next Brand that I oh so so so LOVE~ Etude House!

Oh yeah! Etude House PH finally have CC Creams on stock and the BB Cream Cotton Fit. Sheeesh actually this one is out of the plan! And I am really tempted to get the BB Cream as well buuuut I decided to get it later :P haha! And I also got our (with my sister) 4th? box of the broccoli mask :P hihi. We love love love this mask. We won't be purchasing it over and over again if we don't, right? It also helped our acne prone skin. Shhh... I'll post a separate post for that one :)) :P and Yay! I got a free tumbler <3 hihi. 

Anywyays, here are individual photos of each product and a quick preview as well.

Brand: Etude House
Category: Cosmetics / Skin Care / CC Cream
Line/Collection: CC Cream (I apologize for I don't really know what line they belong to... if you know, kindly let me know ^^ Thanks!)
Product: CC Cream Silky (White) and CC Cream Glow (Pink)
Where to purchase:Etude House Boutiques and Watsons
Price: Php 798 each\
Includes: 1 CC Cream on a tube with a pump haha!

Brand: Etude House
Category: Skin Care - Face Mask/Pack
Product: It's Real Pack - Broccoli
Where to purchase:Etude House Boutiques and Watsons
Price: Php 428
Includes: 3 "mini bottle" cotainers with Broccoli face pack

So that's what I got for this week. Oh! before I end this, I just wanna show an individual shot of the free pink bottle I got from Etude House. hihi

isn't it cute? XD ahaha this will be a handy bottle for me soon since imma go back from working out ;)

There you have it guys! Hope you somewhat enjoyed reading this post. Haha! Later! :*