Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cool Finds in Watson's Phil.

Oh hi there! I just want to share some products that I saw in Watsons yesterday. Hehe. It has been a while since I visited that store.

I am surprised to see these products in Watson's Philippines counter. So, more and more japanese brands are coming in our shores, eh? hehe XD

Here are some products I saw:

Product: Palty Hair Dye
Price: Php 499 (roughly Php 500)

I am a huge fan of japanese hair dyes! and I've been using Palty back when I am still on my verge of changing hair colors. Where do I purchase them? Online. How much does it cost? Php 600 with free shipping. How long does it take before I get it? a day or 2. But now! Whenever I feel like coloring my hair again, I can go to any Watson's and grab this gorgeous hair dye. It's cheaper and I don't have to wait and go through all the hassle of depositing payments to the seller's bank account! Which is~ great ^^ The only downside is they have limited colors. Well, who knows, they might have more colors in stock in the future, right? :) ehehe.

next is: 
Product: Bifesta Cleansing Water
Price: Php 419
Product: Quick FX
Price: Php 50-100

Okay. I can't remember which online store sells Bifest here in the Phil and I can't remember how much it is. But this is the first time I saw it in counters. LOL. Aym sorry~ if ever this product is already available long time ago. But it is the first time I saw it so It's kinda cool XD at least for me. 

Then the Quick FX products. I saw this last month and I find it cool and affordable. I grabbed the Pimple Eraser and I might make a quick review on it. I hope it works but if not, it's fine since it's cheap so I am really not expecting that much from it. But still, like what the product name say, it is a quick fix. Who knows, it may really be a good. 

So yeah, that's just about it. hehe Okay, it's been a month or two since I really had a visit/tour in Watson's. So this things are new to me :) 

Friday, May 17, 2013

HAUL for the week: Etude House and Shiseido

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Hi! After ages~ I'm back with a mini haul :P This haul may be small but I must say I spent a bit more than usual. ahaha! This will just serve as a "Haul Post" so there will be no detailed description or whatsoever. Anyway~ Here's what I got.

Let me start with Shiseido

Brand: Shiseido
Category: Skin Care
Line/Collection: Pureness
Where to purchase: Any Shiseido Stores and Stalls that can be found in Rustan's or Watsons
Price: Php 2,650 (I think.. sorry if I'm wrong >_<)
Includes: Cleanser, Softener, and Moisturizer

Oh yes~ I got their Pureness starter kit. Actually I've been using the facial cleanser for more than 2 months already. I purchased the full size of the cleanser before purchasing this kit. Why? Coz it is cheaper compared to this kit XD LOL and believe me, it made wonders on my problematic skin. I'll make a thorough review on it soon. (if I'm not that lazy~)

Here are some more photos of the product.

and Now for  the next Brand that I oh so so so LOVE~ Etude House!

Oh yeah! Etude House PH finally have CC Creams on stock and the BB Cream Cotton Fit. Sheeesh actually this one is out of the plan! And I am really tempted to get the BB Cream as well buuuut I decided to get it later :P haha! And I also got our (with my sister) 4th? box of the broccoli mask :P hihi. We love love love this mask. We won't be purchasing it over and over again if we don't, right? It also helped our acne prone skin. Shhh... I'll post a separate post for that one :)) :P and Yay! I got a free tumbler <3 hihi. 

Anywyays, here are individual photos of each product and a quick preview as well.

Brand: Etude House
Category: Cosmetics / Skin Care / CC Cream
Line/Collection: CC Cream (I apologize for I don't really know what line they belong to... if you know, kindly let me know ^^ Thanks!)
Product: CC Cream Silky (White) and CC Cream Glow (Pink)
Where to purchase:Etude House Boutiques and Watsons
Price: Php 798 each\
Includes: 1 CC Cream on a tube with a pump haha!

Brand: Etude House
Category: Skin Care - Face Mask/Pack
Product: It's Real Pack - Broccoli
Where to purchase:Etude House Boutiques and Watsons
Price: Php 428
Includes: 3 "mini bottle" cotainers with Broccoli face pack

So that's what I got for this week. Oh! before I end this, I just wanna show an individual shot of the free pink bottle I got from Etude House. hihi

isn't it cute? XD ahaha this will be a handy bottle for me soon since imma go back from working out ;)

There you have it guys! Hope you somewhat enjoyed reading this post. Haha! Later! :*

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe: Ice Cream Nail Polish | Quick Review and Swatches

Ice Cream Nail Polish

Where: Etude House Boutiques and Counters

Hi there EH Lovers~ ^^ So here I am again for another but new Nail blog post! :)

I believe that lots of people is anticipating and waited forever for this collection to launch. Including me~! I am actually planning to get all the products in this collection, but we'll see XD

But anyway~ I'll skip the entire description of the collection since a lot of bloggers already did so I'll just jump right away with the main product of this post. the ICE CREAM NAIL POLISHES~

Let me show you some promotional ads for this product ^^

Here are the yummy name flavors for this nail polishes
#01 Candy Fondant Mint Choco Chip
#02 Energy Up Lemon Sherbet
#03 Sour & Sweet Apricot Candy
#04 Sparkling Strawberry Stars Candy

Actual Products

Before I write down my thoughts on this product, I want to show you swatches of each nail polish on my nails side by side.

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat with Top Coat

Products on the bottle and on nails comparison

Note: I apologize for my not-so-good fingers and nails. Please bare with me ^^

Personal Description:
• Product is a bit watery/runny which makes it easier to apply
• Generous amount of glitters each
• Quite sheer but buildable
• #03 has the most colorful glitters
• #04 looks a bit purplish in real life

What I like:
• Easy to apply, since it's watery/runny, not sticky
• Bright and cute colors, good doe summer especially if you want to have that cutesy look
• Cute packaging, yeah! it really looks like an icecream XD
• Nice brush, it spreads the product well

What I don't like:
• It is sheer... you have to apply 2-3 coats to get the desired color - for me, some sheer bright nail polishes that need work/lots of coats are a bit waste of the product.
• Since it's watery/runny, it takes a long time to dry
• The polishes of course contain glitters, and all glitter polishes are harder to remove with a regular nail polish remover

Overall thoughts:
It's a so-so nail polish with a cuter packaging. Personally, I'll use em when I feel like to have cute nails but of course there's always a lot of options. Im not a fan of glittered nail polishes since it is harder to remove >_< But it is fine. I still love em, for display XD LOL. Oh cmon! They're cute right?

That's my take for this product under their new collection. I love EH so I love their products. There are just some that I don't really feel like using but I like having them on my stash. Hihi. Collection? LOL. So, that's it! Let me know what you think about this nail polishes and which products of Sweet Recipe Collection that you love. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my other reviews under this collection ^^ bye~

Monday, March 11, 2013

TheBeautyJunkee x ShiseidoPH Makeup Workshop Experience ^_^

Okay! hihi... this will be just a brief story telling about the make-up workshop we had last Sunday, March 10, 2013, at Shiseido Greenbelt5 with Ms. Martha of

It is such an honor to be chosen and invited to her workshop. And! the great part about it is. it's my first ever event XD LOL oh yeah! Thank you Ms. Martha for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your workshop and! to meet new nice people ^_^ hihi.

Okay! So! What's the topic/theme of the workshop? This may not be the exact words but, it is

How to work on with the tacky blue eyeshadow

Yeah that's right, she taught us how to work with the blue eyeshadow which is always incorporated with SM girls (no pun intended)

I won't be mentioning or describing or writing the things on how she does it... If you want to learn how, you can always visit Ms. Martha's blog ^_^ 

Well, okay~ I'll try to give a best summary on what she discussed with us. Here are points that I stamped on my brain:
• Light toned blue eyeshadows are meant for light toned skin, Medium Blue in to medium toned, and Deep/dark blues are for dark toned skin
• It's easier to work first from lightest blue to darkest blue
Rose toned blushes are better to go with blue eyeshadows
Light pink or natural lip color is good to go with blue eyeshadows as well
• If you want to have a fresh look, put the blush on your cheeks, and if you want to look mature. you can put your blush on the sides of your cheek O_O okay uh.... maybe somewhere close to your ears XD LOL correct me if I'm wrong!
• And this is a good technique for those who have pimple scars. if you're adding blush on an area where there's scarring, it is advised to just do the "bouncing" technique XD you just dam lightly the blush on the cheeks until you get the desired pigmentation/ color then blend it outwards :)
• For Dark Circles! with dry eye area with fine lines, she said it is better to use a liquid concealer and blend it/sweep it inwards :)
• If you want to have a slimmer effect. drag/sweep your foundation downwards, but if you want a smooth canvass, sweep it side ways

There are more things she shared during the workshop, but it is hard for me to post them all up. sorry! XD

Here are some photos from the workshop. I apologize for low quality images for I am just using my Xperia Neo V phone.


the artist and the artista XD LOL

me with Ms. Martha... Ahem, sorry for my very messy look. OMG >_<

Free fooooood~

with the model :)

Okay, I don't have a decent photo here, huh? LOL. But anyway! I really enjoyed and met new blog friends XD

Andrea, Arian, Kate, and Kristine to name a few ^_^ Go visit their blog as well and follow em ^_^

and Kristine doesn't have a blog XD

Anyway, Thank you for Ms. Martha and Ms. Jen (Brand Manager of ShiseidoPH) for having us in their event. Hoping to attend more more events to learn new things and meet awesome people :)

Follow Ms. Martha on

And oh! the loot~ <3 XD Too bad I wasn't able to purchase anything with the exclusive 15% off for the attendees T_T waaah~ imma soon get the Pureness line for my acne x oily skin XD LOL wish me luck!

follow me on instagram~ @lizcarlett ^_^ so that's basically it! XD Thanks again for having me Ms. Martha and Shiseido! I really enjoyed ^_^ More power!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Revlon Matte Lipsticks: 001 Nude Attitude & 012 Sky Pink | Swatches

Hey there guys! Here's another swatch post of 2 of my Revlon Matte Lipsticks. I got Sky Pink at SM Megamall when it was on sale last Dec 2012. I can't remember how much is the exact price but I think its around Php300+. Then Nude Attitude was got by my sister in the US last year as well while she was having her internship, so I have no idea how much she got it there.

Just a quick insight about these lipsticks, I don't wear them a lot coz most of the time my lips are dry and these lipsticks are not a good partner for dry cracked lips. Well, they tend to emphasize my lips' cracks and dry skin. The lipstick doesn't glide well, its too dry to cover up my dry lips. So whenever I feel like putting them on, I always moisturize and scrub my lips before using them. The texture is a bit creamy, but not as creamy compared to my other moisturizing lipsticks. They are not so pigmented, I have to sweep several times to entirely cover my pigmented semi dark lips. It doesn't stay that long, I have to reapply it from time to time. It is not moisturizing, it tends to feel dry on my lips after few hours, so I always carry my lipbalm to rehydrate my lips every now and then.

So here's a preview of the products,

The cover's top is transparent so you can easily see the lipstick inside, easier to which shade you're going to pick up.

This is how they look like in the tube,

Here are the swatches on my hand. I swiped it around 3-4 times to get that color.

Now let me show you how it looks on my lips along with my almost natural make up look. Before that, let me show you the natural color of my lips. My shade is between NC35 and NC40.

So, here's Nude Attitude on my lips,

It washes me out, I think. I look like I am sick or something like that. I swiped several times to cover my natural lip color. It looks like I'm wearing a lip concealer instead of a lipstick. I don't used this alone, I use this if I wanted to copy the korean ombre lips, I just add a red lip tint in the inner lip on top of Nude Attitude.

And here's Sky Pink on my lips. I think, this is just a right nude color for my lips. It gives a bit of a color that is not soooo nude. It's just the right pink color to give life on my face. Good color for everyday look. :)

That's basically it. I don't like them nor hate them, just a so-so lipstick for me. If you want to grab these ones, always remember to moisturize your lips beforehand so it will glide easily and will look great on tour lips. Hope this post helped you even just a bit xp Let me know what you think of the Revlon Matte Lipsticks. I would loooove to hear 'em. And if you could recommend me good matte nude lipsticks, kindly comment down below so I could try them ^^ ciao~

List of product used on my face:
Urban Decay Naked 2: Booty Call (in the middle of my eyelids)
Maybelline 01 Copper Brown Palette: 2nd Color from left (well if you have the palette XD. For my entire lid)
Tony Moly's Skinny Touch Brush Eyeliner
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascarra
Dolly Wink A11 False Eye Lashes
Kanebo Freshel BB Cream
Majolica Majorca Face Powder (Forgot what you call it >_<)
Etude House Surprise Concealer