Friday, December 21, 2012

Gerilen's One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

Gerilen's One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway!


Join me as I celebrate my one year blog anniversary through a giveaway! :)

The prizes includes:
Belle de Jour Chronicles Forget-Me-Not Notebook
Belle de Jour Favourites Forget-Me-Not Notebook
Skin Food Emulsion Sachet
Skin Food Serum Sachet
Skin Food Cream Sachet
Skin Food toner Sachet
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Sachet
Clean Skin Shampoo
Clean Skin Body Milk
Sue Devitt Whipped Foundation
Anew Genics Sachet
Pantene NatureCare Shampoo
Pantene NatureCare Conditioner
Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream Sachet
Garnier Light Moisturizing Cream Sachet
Etude House Sweet Look Body Wash
iWhite Whitening Pack
Yves Roche So Elixir Parfume
Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser
Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturiser
Etude House O2 White Intensive Serum
Etude House O2 Tone Up Toner
Etude House O2 Tone Up Emulsion
Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
Kerastase Nutritive Sublimateur Jour
Maybelline Lip Liner #25 Toast
Nichido Lip Gloss in Electra
Nichido Matted Eyeshadows & Blush Palette
False Eyelashes
Mr. Bean Head Keychain
Knitted Cellphone Case
NYX Eyeshadow Palette in Catwalk

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Etude House Haul = Addiction~

Hey guys! So! As you can see in my title, I am soooo loving Etude House lately and yaah~ I bought a lot of stuff from October to December. Ugh~ I dunno! I just... erm love their products! :P Well except for one... I'll get into that in a little while...

Let me show you my "collection"... Among my makeup collection, I have more EH than TM (Tony Moly) and MM (MajolicaMajorca). To give you a quick knowledge, I tried TM products first before EH XD But! I love EH maaaaaaaaaaawrrrr~ LOL... So anyway, let's get it on.

So yeah, that's my EH haul/collection for the month of October and November of 2012. XD

I soooooooo love this one! This was recommended to me by the sales lady at EH, Megamall. I really really want to make a review on this one. XD Coz it made wonders to my skin whenever I use it XD hihi... it comes with 3 "bottle" in one box. 1 bottle lasted for about a month or two on me.. coz i don't really regularly use it... XD heey~ it's just because I always forget... :P But if I wanted to redehydrate my skin for an upcoming event, this is a must! in my routine :P

naaaail poliesss~ i love the colors... the formulation is good. easy to apply. lasting power is uhm somewhat great. there are times that the product is easily peeled off on the tip part of my nails... but overall, they last long. :) cute colors too! <3

This powder is for my sister.. according to her, it's a good oil busting powder. ;) haven't tried it yet so i really can't say anything about it...

I use this for my inner tear ducts to have that cute eye look. ;) it works perfectly. But i don't use is as much. hehe~

This is a traveling kit that I got for freeeeeeee~! I love free items! XD well I purchased a total of 3,000Php for a single receipt that's why I got this box of goodies ^_^

This is perfect for a natural flush~ hihi it's the Lovely cookie blusher in #4 Carrot Cheesecake. I always use this! It's really cute and handy. Good for everyday look XD

My first eye primer ever~ it's a good primer.. well, it's the only one I have so I really can't compare. But it does its job pretty well :P

Silky Scarf Hair Treatment on the left, as we all know~ my hair is pretty... damaged coz of constant hair coloring, so to help my hair stay smooth and shiny, I apply this to my hair if I feel like my hair needs extra smoothness then wash it after a few minutes, and viola~ my hair is smooth and more manageable ^_^ and the Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit, well, I still prefer my Magic BB Cream because! just because this one leaves a white cast on my face. But! I must say, I don't have to reapply powder over and over again whenever I use this. Maybe I'll make a comparison post for my BB creams :)

I suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper love this eyebrow pencil. It's in gray coz I the brown one is always out of stock whenever I go to EH to buy new stuff. But this is just right for my eyebrows :) The 2 way system is really a wise thing to do. 2-in-1 is always better and handy, in my case.

hihi~ I only use this whenever I like to have that extra glow. It is the Dear My Blooming Cheek in OR201, and I tell you, the name says it all, it will make you look blooming and glowy ^_^ It's a good tool if you want to have that korean dewey look.

This! is a must have on my bag. Its jelly texture, orangie smell and taste (yuhhh~ it has a taste!) is just so perfect if you just want to have that natural lip tint. I guess jelly lip products won't make your lips dry, so this is a go go for me ^_^ hihi.. And I really love the color!

I already used it twice, and yeah. It helps my skin rejuvinate. I use this whenever I feel like my skin is all stressed out. Hihi... This leaves my skin smooth and refreshed.

I love love love this cleansing tissue! I always use this to remove my make up just before washing my face. It really removes my make up! and it smells good. It doesn't irritate my skin, in fact, it leaves my face moisturized and clean!

This one smells and tastes like peach! I really love peachy smells too. It gives my lips a subtle gloss while moisturizing it. This is always on my pocket and I just put a small amount on my lips and pucker it up whenever I feel my lips are getting dry.

My first ever set from EH. I really had this battle within me if I should buy it or not XD LOL. But I guess I shouldn't have ~_~ this cost around 1998Pho? Not sure... around that amount. Why am I regretting on getting it? It's not because the products are bad, but my skin won't just accept it ~_~ too bad... I've used 1 of the eye patch and I used the other items about 5 times only with small amounts since I'm afraid to take a big risk on my face. Hay~ It broke me out and my skin so sticky. Hay~ But nonetheless, they smell good and might work for people who doesn't have same skin type as mine. I'm oily to combination skin, acne prone and sensitive as well. So, yeah. I am planning on selling it at around 1500Php (negotiable) whoever wants to have it, or! I can trade it with anything you want to offer that will fit my skin type. Feel free to comment of message me ^_^ I still have the box and the products except for 1 eye patch/pack. The bottles are heavy and they're really glass bottles. So just pm me away if you want to have this. ^_^

Hmm... That's pretty much it! I might have missed some things, but if you're interested on knowing about the things I missed, feel free to ask me ^_^

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there you have it! I knoooow I have a lot of mistakes. But I'm too lazy to edit it... I just rushed this one coz this has been stuck on my drafts for quite a loooooong time. XD So guys, let me know if you came across this products and what are your takes for it and if you have any questions, feel free to communicate with me ^_^ talk to you soon~!