Monday, April 16, 2012

2 tone hair color

i finally dyed my hair! summer 2012 hairstyle, YEAH!!! I went to my usual salon which is Hortaleza Salon near our house. I know most of their stylists and some of them used to work with my hair XD LOL hair cut and hair dye stuff. so~ here goes.

I told him (stylist) that i want the lower part of my hair to be pink and the top part red. I asked him to bleach the lower part to make the pink vibrant and visible. yes, only the lower part where the pink will be applied, my hair's color before is copper blonde so we assume that it is already a good base for the red.

first bleach application. they bleached it again because the stylist said it is not enough. LOL... yeah, they bleached it twice.

Here's the final product:
under room light w/o flash

with flash XD LOL.

more photos...
with flash (indoor)

natural light w/o flash (facing my window) LOL

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Acne Journey

a month and a half ago, i struggled with acne. i tried a lot of things  just to get rid of my acnes: medicines, systems, skin cares and whatnot, over the counters, prescribed ones, etc. i almost gave up and decided to go under skin peels in derma clinics. But yeah, i don't earn that much so i don't have enough money to undergo those kind of things. i still searched on how to get rid of acnes without spending that much until i came across several blogs who said that maxipeel + eskinol works. 

But before telling you more about that mixture, let me show you how my face/skin looks like before using it. 

YES!!! i know... its sooooo kadiri! XD hehe yeah.. it used to be like that for almost 2-3 months or more T_T

anyway, so my nakita akong blogs saying that eskinol + maxipeel works. so ang instruction is to mix them and used them every night. pero ako i use them morning and night as a toner and cleaner after shower. oo mejo harsh sya sa face but not as much as pagpure maxipeel lang. i will never dare try to use maxipeel alone.

eskinol spot-less white facial deep cleanser with pure calamansi extract + maxipeel .025% / 2% solition 2 exfoliant anti acne depigmenting agent. mixed na sya so ganyan ung itsura nung mixture.

according sa blog na nabasa ko (sorry i forgot:|) namamalat daw sya pagginagamit nia to. but in my case, hindi pa naman ako namamalat. namumula lang ako minsan pagsobrang init siguro pero minsan lang talaga. as in twice pa lang ata since i started using this.

but before i use this formula, nagwawash ako ng face with maxipeels facial wash.

maxipeel exfoliant scrub. malamig sya sa muka and after rinsing it, sobrang maffeel mo na nalinis ung mukha mo. but when i use eskinol+maxipeel formulation, hindi lahat nalilinis pero it did help to lessen the dirt :D

then lately lang since natutuwa ako sa effect ng maxipeel sa muka ko, i decided na bumili narin ng cream nila. i apply it after using eskinol+maxipeel.

maxipeel exfoliant cream #2 moderate. yeah i used number 2 para in between :] hehe.

so eto ung complete set ng "skin regimen" ko for now.

cream, eskinol+maxipeel, and exfoliant scrub.

so, i know you are asking about the results. so let me show you the improvement that my skin had after a month and a half.

ang kintab no? the picture was taken after using eskinol+maxipeel. feeling ko pumuputi rin skin ko. feeling ko lang. ehehe.

so. this is how I get rid of my acnes so far. i stressed "I" kasi gumana sya sakin. pwedeng gumana nga sya sakin, pero it doesn't mean 100% syang gagana sa lahat. we all have different skin types. hiyangan nga lang daw yan ika nga nila. so, kung prepared kayo to take risks, you can try this :) dapat lalagay ko daily update kaso tagal pala, 1 month.. so i decided to post before and after pictures sa loob ng isang buwan. so ayan.

note: pictures were taken by me, they are 100% raw, no editing. i am not a pro photographer. i used camera phone for my face pictures kaya mejo low quality, however, i used my dslr for the product shots. hindi po ako sponsored ng kahit ano, i bought the products with my own money and i am not being paid to do reviews about their products. thank you. AGAIN! this may work for me, but it doesn't mean it will definitely work with everyone. so please, wag niyo ako sisihin pagtnry niyo to then something not good happened. ^_^

Thank you for reading. questions and comments are much welcome and appreciated. :D  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

NYX Round Lipsticks in Eros, Thalia, and Louisiana

I bought NYX Round Lipstick in 3 shades: Eros, Louisiana, and Thalia. here's a photo of the products.

And here's a photo of swatches on my hand

Hehe. Honestly, it's my first time to purchase and use lipsticks since I don't really like wearing them. Why? I don't really like the feeling of something sticky on my lips.

What can I say about NYX Round Lipsticks...

• Color selection is wide
• Colors are very vibrant and cute
• Not that sticky on my lips
• Affordable
• Good quality
• Pigmented
• Smells good

And speaking of affordable, since ayaw ko gumastos ng sobra para lang magtry ng lipstick, i opted to NYX kesa Mac. Namamahalan ako sa Mac eh. Okay rin syempre ung shades, quality and what not sa Mac. Pero merong same shade sa NYX pero in a lower price. :D So, sa mga gusto ng cute vibrant colors, try NYX!

how it looks like in my lips.



Got them from Angel's Online Shop, She's on sale now until April 5, 2012. So what are you waiting for? If you want these cute little substances, go and place your orders. ^_^