Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cool Finds in Watson's Phil.

Oh hi there! I just want to share some products that I saw in Watsons yesterday. Hehe. It has been a while since I visited that store.

I am surprised to see these products in Watson's Philippines counter. So, more and more japanese brands are coming in our shores, eh? hehe XD

Here are some products I saw:

Product: Palty Hair Dye
Price: Php 499 (roughly Php 500)

I am a huge fan of japanese hair dyes! and I've been using Palty back when I am still on my verge of changing hair colors. Where do I purchase them? Online. How much does it cost? Php 600 with free shipping. How long does it take before I get it? a day or 2. But now! Whenever I feel like coloring my hair again, I can go to any Watson's and grab this gorgeous hair dye. It's cheaper and I don't have to wait and go through all the hassle of depositing payments to the seller's bank account! Which is~ great ^^ The only downside is they have limited colors. Well, who knows, they might have more colors in stock in the future, right? :) ehehe.

next is: 
Product: Bifesta Cleansing Water
Price: Php 419
Product: Quick FX
Price: Php 50-100

Okay. I can't remember which online store sells Bifest here in the Phil and I can't remember how much it is. But this is the first time I saw it in counters. LOL. Aym sorry~ if ever this product is already available long time ago. But it is the first time I saw it so It's kinda cool XD at least for me. 

Then the Quick FX products. I saw this last month and I find it cool and affordable. I grabbed the Pimple Eraser and I might make a quick review on it. I hope it works but if not, it's fine since it's cheap so I am really not expecting that much from it. But still, like what the product name say, it is a quick fix. Who knows, it may really be a good. 

So yeah, that's just about it. hehe Okay, it's been a month or two since I really had a visit/tour in Watson's. So this things are new to me :)