Thursday, May 24, 2012

outfit idea: double dribble corporate look

hey! what's up? wasn't able to update because ive been busy lately with a lot of physical activities. so here's a silly idea outfit for work. i haven't tried this yet! but yeah i am planning too. its just a "concept" so please be kind~

every summer, basketball leagues are everywhere. yes, pinoys love basketball and playing basketball. so i had this weird idea, what will it look like if i pair a jersey top with a skirt and corporate accessories? so i opened photoshop and search for outfits/accessories to come up with a "style" layout. so far this is what it looks like. >>

for the face, i thought of having nude lips with smokey eyes and just a right blush with light contouring and highlighting to have that sophisticated corporate feel, simple yet intimidating look.

it is up to you if you want to use a tie or a scarf but i prefer neckties. then pair that jersey with a miniskirt, but if you are way too conservative (LOL) you can also wear leggings. you may use either a bangle if you want to maintain that simple sophisticated look or you can go a bit girly and use bracelets that have ribbons or whatever. girly accessories will definitely go well with the scarf, i guess. i chose to use hoop earrings for this, plain medium ones.

and for the shoes, its a choice between pumps and army boots (doc martens type of boots). pumps, for a sophisticate/girly look, or boots to add some "rocker" or a bit boyish feel to it and not to mention, its way more comfy than pumps, right?

so that's it! i still dunno when i'll try this XD maybe when im not busy playing diablo3 anymore hehehe. i will keep you posted!

so guys, what do you think about this? will you ever try this at work? haha! let me know your opinions on this silly idea. thanks! <3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Etude House Magic BB Cream (moisturizing) Review

hihi. i really wanted to make a review about this bb cream long time ago. XD between etude house bb cream and tony moly bb cream (with same price range), i prefer using etude house's.

it smells good. but it doesn't have the perfumy scent
its not sticky when applied it slides easily on your skin
doesn't feel heavy its actually pretty light on the face,as if im not wearing any bb cream (for me)
it will brighten up your skin it gives a natural and flawless finish
it doesn't cause breakouts i have acne prone skin. i easily get pimples with make up. so this one hooked me up since my skin loves it.  it doesn't make my face itchy nor irritated
it's cheap! affordable i must say. there's a lot of bb creams that are good but way expensive, and there are some that is cheap but it doesn't give you good quality. this one is perfect! its affordable, and good!

it gives light-medium coverage well for me its fine since i don't need heavy coverage. yes yes i know my skin is not perfect. but using bb cream to make your skin super perfect? naaaah~ hehe
messy pump haha it gets messy sometimes so i always have to clean it up
one shade but i don't really mind since the shade that they have works pretty well on me. it blends with my skin tone the longer it stays.

now let me show you the coverage that this bb cream can do with this amount.

haha sorry! its pretty messy XD that goes all over my face, just enough to get the coverage i want.

can you see the difference? im pretty satisfied the results though even it didn't super cover my problematic skin XD this is under natural light, no flash.

rating: 5/5

haha since this is just my 3rd bb cream. my first 2 is from tony moly, which i'll try to make a review next time. 

will i repurchase it?
YES. well i already did! i bought one for my sister deary :D hihi. but yeah, i will buy another one for me next time ^_^



as i said earlier, i will try to make a review on tonymoly's bb creams.

secret bb cream 01 natural

whipping bb cream 3 sand


i would really love to hear from you guys! your own experience with the bb creams of etude house. or if you can recommend better ones, let me know :D thank you!

~liz <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

corporate? NOT.

from now on, i will try to post my daily outfit. ahaha! lol.. TRY~ my style varies on my mood. so, sometimes i go from jeans and shirt if im too lazy to move, to dresses and whatnot when im in the mood. :P so.... here goes-

lol~ my outfit for the day. im on my way to work. thanks to our yaya for taking this photos lol XD

oh yeah btw, we are not required to wear corporate in the office :P well, not to mention, i am the only employee who is staying in the office. so yeah, forever alone XD

everything that im using are non branded, meaning i bought it online or in bazaars :P

THIS! i love this pair. i got this from asianvogue. :D hihi~ they're really comfy and nice to wear ^_^ thanks to asianvogue for a very smooth transaction! will def get another pair soon :D

Monday, May 14, 2012

updates! acne journey

so yes! imma post an update to my acne journey.

i'm still using eskinol+maxipeel on my face. but lately, i stopped using a product and added something on my clear acne routine.
before, i used to use maxipeel exfoliant cream after the eskinol+maxipeel, now i don't. every bath, i use kojie san soap on my face before washing it with maxipeel exfoliant scrub. most people say that kojie san soap helps whiten skin, so i use it to help lighten my acne scars.

so my updated skin routine is composed of:
• kojiesan soap
• maxipeel exfoliant scrub
• maxpeel/eskinol
• drink lots of water

er... you'll notice that i don't use moisturizer. well, i still can't find the right moisturizer that i like, so for now, i don't use anything XD

here's an update after using eskinol+maxipeel for 2 months now.

 this is before i use maxipeel + eskinol

after a month

after 2months

as you can observe, my skin is a bit reddish, but don't worry it doesn't hurt or anything. the redness will disappear after 10-15 minutes, when your skin cooled down. i guess it is just a normal reaction after using the products. i still have scars though, but i believe that kojiesan soap helps lighten it a bit for a month. 

i might try diamond peel soon to zap the scars out quickly. but i am not yet sure when and where. i will post an update regarding that. for now, i'll give my acne routine a month more to see what improvements it can make. :D 

thank you for reading hope it helps. :D you can read my previous post for more info: acne journey