Thursday, May 24, 2012

outfit idea: double dribble corporate look

hey! what's up? wasn't able to update because ive been busy lately with a lot of physical activities. so here's a silly idea outfit for work. i haven't tried this yet! but yeah i am planning too. its just a "concept" so please be kind~

every summer, basketball leagues are everywhere. yes, pinoys love basketball and playing basketball. so i had this weird idea, what will it look like if i pair a jersey top with a skirt and corporate accessories? so i opened photoshop and search for outfits/accessories to come up with a "style" layout. so far this is what it looks like. >>

for the face, i thought of having nude lips with smokey eyes and just a right blush with light contouring and highlighting to have that sophisticated corporate feel, simple yet intimidating look.

it is up to you if you want to use a tie or a scarf but i prefer neckties. then pair that jersey with a miniskirt, but if you are way too conservative (LOL) you can also wear leggings. you may use either a bangle if you want to maintain that simple sophisticated look or you can go a bit girly and use bracelets that have ribbons or whatever. girly accessories will definitely go well with the scarf, i guess. i chose to use hoop earrings for this, plain medium ones.

and for the shoes, its a choice between pumps and army boots (doc martens type of boots). pumps, for a sophisticate/girly look, or boots to add some "rocker" or a bit boyish feel to it and not to mention, its way more comfy than pumps, right?

so that's it! i still dunno when i'll try this XD maybe when im not busy playing diablo3 anymore hehehe. i will keep you posted!

so guys, what do you think about this? will you ever try this at work? haha! let me know your opinions on this silly idea. thanks! <3

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