Tuesday, May 15, 2012

corporate? NOT.

from now on, i will try to post my daily outfit. ahaha! lol.. TRY~ my style varies on my mood. so, sometimes i go from jeans and shirt if im too lazy to move, to dresses and whatnot when im in the mood. :P so.... here goes-

lol~ my outfit for the day. im on my way to work. thanks to our yaya for taking this photos lol XD

oh yeah btw, we are not required to wear corporate in the office :P well, not to mention, i am the only employee who is staying in the office. so yeah, forever alone XD

everything that im using are non branded, meaning i bought it online or in bazaars :P

THIS! i love this pair. i got this from asianvogue. :D hihi~ they're really comfy and nice to wear ^_^ thanks to asianvogue for a very smooth transaction! will def get another pair soon :D

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