Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Etude House Magic BB Cream (moisturizing) Review

hihi. i really wanted to make a review about this bb cream long time ago. XD between etude house bb cream and tony moly bb cream (with same price range), i prefer using etude house's.

it smells good. but it doesn't have the perfumy scent
its not sticky when applied it slides easily on your skin
doesn't feel heavy its actually pretty light on the face,as if im not wearing any bb cream (for me)
it will brighten up your skin it gives a natural and flawless finish
it doesn't cause breakouts i have acne prone skin. i easily get pimples with make up. so this one hooked me up since my skin loves it.  it doesn't make my face itchy nor irritated
it's cheap! affordable i must say. there's a lot of bb creams that are good but way expensive, and there are some that is cheap but it doesn't give you good quality. this one is perfect! its affordable, and good!

it gives light-medium coverage well for me its fine since i don't need heavy coverage. yes yes i know my skin is not perfect. but using bb cream to make your skin super perfect? naaaah~ hehe
messy pump haha it gets messy sometimes so i always have to clean it up
one shade but i don't really mind since the shade that they have works pretty well on me. it blends with my skin tone the longer it stays.

now let me show you the coverage that this bb cream can do with this amount.

haha sorry! its pretty messy XD that goes all over my face, just enough to get the coverage i want.

can you see the difference? im pretty satisfied the results though even it didn't super cover my problematic skin XD this is under natural light, no flash.

rating: 5/5

haha since this is just my 3rd bb cream. my first 2 is from tony moly, which i'll try to make a review next time. 

will i repurchase it?
YES. well i already did! i bought one for my sister deary :D hihi. but yeah, i will buy another one for me next time ^_^



as i said earlier, i will try to make a review on tonymoly's bb creams.

secret bb cream 01 natural

whipping bb cream 3 sand


i would really love to hear from you guys! your own experience with the bb creams of etude house. or if you can recommend better ones, let me know :D thank you!

~liz <3

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