Sunday, March 18, 2012


 Hm... I am just wondering, why do women like make up?  Most people say "Simplicity is beauty" or "Natural beauty is better", but ironically, only a few steps out everyday without wearing any make up at all.

Personally, I like make up because they contribute a lot to my confidence at times. Make up makes me feel beautiful, really. But hey! I don't do dramatic ones --- a touch of powder, mascara, and eyeliner will do for my daily life; I just do striking make up when I go to parties or events.

Now, I just want to know YOUR reason why YOU LIKE MAKE UP. Please feel free to put your comments below. Thank you.  

p.s.: thank you jenny yao for editing my stuff <3 ily~ :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre's IPL Review

Hi! This will be my first entry, a review about IPL technology. Hope this helps. :]

Struggling for a hair-free underarm has been my problem for 5 years. I have tried everything--- from shaving, plucking, to waxing.  Out of all the ways to remove my unwanted hair, I thought waxing was the best way, so it became my routine for a year.  I visited the shop every 2 weeks, Lay-Bare it is! The staffs were friendly; they were indeed accommodating.  Their services were good and affordable that I chose their shop for my eyebrow maintenance and bikini waxing too.

During one of my waxing sessions, I discovered a new technology for hair removal and whitening called IPL [Intense pulsed light]. I wanted to try it because I saw and read a lot of positive feedbacks about the said innovation. I started searching for clinics that offer IPL services--- to my surprise; the price for IPL service was quite unattainable for someone like me, so I gave up on the idea of trying out IPL.

I want to thank the discount sites like Ensogo, Groupon, etc.; they offer discounts from services, travels, to food. I reaaaaally love it! And because of this, I came across to various IPL promos.

Last December of 2011, without thinking twice, I decided to purchase Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre's 90% off on unlimited IPL for 1 year.

I visited their clinic last January/February 2012 [I cannot remember, sorry] for my first session. Their staffs were friendly and accommodating as well. The attendant led me to a cubicle that has a bed and “the machine”. It kind of scared me for a bit. I removed my shirt and wrapped myself with their towel and laid down. I won’t discuss the process.

The attendant gave me generous shots that were ideal for first timers. The shots sting a bit but it was really bearable.

At first, I got disappointed about IPL because I still saw shaved hairs in my underarms. I emailed them and asked about it, and they replied that it was just normal and that I have to wait for a week to see the results. And yes, the hairs can easily be pulled off my skin with no “ouch” or groan.

On my 2nd visit, the attendant shaved some hairs again and gave me more shots compared to my first visit. The process lasted for about 10-15 minutes.

After having 2 sessions of IPL, I could say that, my unwanted hairs from my underarms started to lessen, almost gone. And more, my underarms started to lighten up. Oh yeah!

After 3 weeks, I went to the clinic for my 3rd session. The attendant said that she will give me less shots compared from my last since my hairs were almost gone. And she told me that if I don’t have that much unwanted hairs for my next session, or if no hairs were visible, I better call their clinic for a reschedule.

The IPL should be done with visible hairs so that the machine can detect it or else it might burn my skin, which was not good.

I am very pleased with the results, though there are still some hairs spurting out but not like before. I feel more confident and clean. I think I will still have my 4th session this March 23. I still can see a few, and, I am rooting for their intense whitening for underarms.

So, that’s it for now. I will update soon after my IPL 4th session and Intense Whitening 1st session (hopefully). :] I hope I can post pictures, but I am too ashamed to do so. Hehe.