Thursday, June 28, 2012

lose weight || back to 115lbs from 120lbs in 2 weeks

oh yeah~ im back on track! lol... isn't it amazing that i lost 5 lbs for just 2 weeks? yes! it's true! :P my regular weight is ranging from 113-115lbs before... before i started to lololololove eating.

when my bf decided to start gaining weight, i started gaining weight too, against my will! :)) why? oh you should know why! coz whenever he eats, he wants me to be with him... and i end up eating as much as him. and not to mention, he wants feeding me... letting me try new food chains, restaurants, or he just simply cook good stuff that i caaaaaaan't resist.

hey! we do love food <3 I LOVE FOOD! so my appetite went bigger and bigger and gained around 4-5lbs in just uhm 3weeks? but not gaining all 5 pounds! i started going up from 115 to 117 to 119 to 120.... O_O this got me all worried! i don't want to gain moooooore~ 

i tried doing exercises/workouts etc... but still no result.. coz i still eat! i mean really eeaaaaaat~

now, you asking me how i lost those extra pounds in just 2 weeks? 

i don't eat. at all.

of course i still eat! in order to survive... plus i love food, remember?

well, i started to cut my food intake in a day. 

make sure to have breakfast. 
i always have rice and some meat. then after that i'll have soya milk and yogurt... fulll~ this is actually enough to help me not starve for the whole day. seriously.

i always drink water. well sometimes i drink around 1-2 liters of water a day. depends. xD that's why i always go to the bathroom to pee.. hehehehe.

veggies & fruits.
 oh yes! i so love lettuce, tomato, and carrots. i eat them raw! in a salad. my nana always prepare salad for me to bring at work. that's what i eat during lunch break. :D i just add some bacon and mayo to add flavor. i loooooooooooove bacon <3 if salad is not available, i always opt to have apples or bananas.

of course i still get hungry from time to time. so i'll just have some crackers to fill in my starving tummy. or fruits! apple and banananananananana. it makes me feel full.

no dinner.
yes... most of the time i don't eat during dinner time. maybe (sometimes) i eat small amount of rice and meat. and that's it. it's actually hard to say no to dinner since our nana cooks good food. gaaaah... so to divert my attention, i make myself busy and concentrated to diablo3. yes! i play my ass off to ignore dinner. i just drink water if i feel "hungry" or something. but sometimes i do give in but! i still don't let myself too hooked up. haha! or else... LOL.

fish oil.
my bf told me that fish oil helps in losing weight. i actually dunno how. ahaha! (will ask ol' good friend google later...) XD i take around 2 caps a day. that's uhm around 1-2g. :D

hehe of course... i always have a cup of tea before sleeping. hmm... it's either jasmine tea or the biofitea. yeah biofitea is a slimming tea. i might, i'll try, to make a review about it soon. but one thing's for sure. it will make you poop like hell! XD oh yeah... the pain~ but its all good~

exercise? workout?
yes! it is actually a must to keep you healthy and fit... but unfortunately, my laziness is such a douche... XD but soon... i will... again!

so yeah, that's it! just a reminder, these things might work for me, but it's not guaranteed that it will work for everyone. cheers!

note: oh yeah, i am not good in grammar. so... please bare with me XD kind! =)) magtatagalog na nga lang ako next time. or taglish i mean. lol.