Monday, April 16, 2012

2 tone hair color

i finally dyed my hair! summer 2012 hairstyle, YEAH!!! I went to my usual salon which is Hortaleza Salon near our house. I know most of their stylists and some of them used to work with my hair XD LOL hair cut and hair dye stuff. so~ here goes.

I told him (stylist) that i want the lower part of my hair to be pink and the top part red. I asked him to bleach the lower part to make the pink vibrant and visible. yes, only the lower part where the pink will be applied, my hair's color before is copper blonde so we assume that it is already a good base for the red.

first bleach application. they bleached it again because the stylist said it is not enough. LOL... yeah, they bleached it twice.

Here's the final product:
under room light w/o flash

with flash XD LOL.

more photos...
with flash (indoor)

natural light w/o flash (facing my window) LOL

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  1. what hair color and brand did they use on your hair? thank you :)