Sunday, March 17, 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe: Ice Cream Nail Polish | Quick Review and Swatches

Ice Cream Nail Polish

Where: Etude House Boutiques and Counters

Hi there EH Lovers~ ^^ So here I am again for another but new Nail blog post! :)

I believe that lots of people is anticipating and waited forever for this collection to launch. Including me~! I am actually planning to get all the products in this collection, but we'll see XD

But anyway~ I'll skip the entire description of the collection since a lot of bloggers already did so I'll just jump right away with the main product of this post. the ICE CREAM NAIL POLISHES~

Let me show you some promotional ads for this product ^^

Here are the yummy name flavors for this nail polishes
#01 Candy Fondant Mint Choco Chip
#02 Energy Up Lemon Sherbet
#03 Sour & Sweet Apricot Candy
#04 Sparkling Strawberry Stars Candy

Actual Products

Before I write down my thoughts on this product, I want to show you swatches of each nail polish on my nails side by side.

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat with Top Coat

Products on the bottle and on nails comparison

Note: I apologize for my not-so-good fingers and nails. Please bare with me ^^

Personal Description:
• Product is a bit watery/runny which makes it easier to apply
• Generous amount of glitters each
• Quite sheer but buildable
• #03 has the most colorful glitters
• #04 looks a bit purplish in real life

What I like:
• Easy to apply, since it's watery/runny, not sticky
• Bright and cute colors, good doe summer especially if you want to have that cutesy look
• Cute packaging, yeah! it really looks like an icecream XD
• Nice brush, it spreads the product well

What I don't like:
• It is sheer... you have to apply 2-3 coats to get the desired color - for me, some sheer bright nail polishes that need work/lots of coats are a bit waste of the product.
• Since it's watery/runny, it takes a long time to dry
• The polishes of course contain glitters, and all glitter polishes are harder to remove with a regular nail polish remover

Overall thoughts:
It's a so-so nail polish with a cuter packaging. Personally, I'll use em when I feel like to have cute nails but of course there's always a lot of options. Im not a fan of glittered nail polishes since it is harder to remove >_< But it is fine. I still love em, for display XD LOL. Oh cmon! They're cute right?

That's my take for this product under their new collection. I love EH so I love their products. There are just some that I don't really feel like using but I like having them on my stash. Hihi. Collection? LOL. So, that's it! Let me know what you think about this nail polishes and which products of Sweet Recipe Collection that you love. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my other reviews under this collection ^^ bye~


  1. I've seen a lot of posts about this polish but you're the first swatch I've seen. And that is just terrible (no offense). The coat is too light! I thought about getting it but thanks for the warning.

    1. yeah it is terrible sad to say :( and they're hard to remove, the glitters ~_~ but ohwell...