Monday, March 11, 2013

TheBeautyJunkee x ShiseidoPH Makeup Workshop Experience ^_^

Okay! hihi... this will be just a brief story telling about the make-up workshop we had last Sunday, March 10, 2013, at Shiseido Greenbelt5 with Ms. Martha of

It is such an honor to be chosen and invited to her workshop. And! the great part about it is. it's my first ever event XD LOL oh yeah! Thank you Ms. Martha for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your workshop and! to meet new nice people ^_^ hihi.

Okay! So! What's the topic/theme of the workshop? This may not be the exact words but, it is

How to work on with the tacky blue eyeshadow

Yeah that's right, she taught us how to work with the blue eyeshadow which is always incorporated with SM girls (no pun intended)

I won't be mentioning or describing or writing the things on how she does it... If you want to learn how, you can always visit Ms. Martha's blog ^_^ 

Well, okay~ I'll try to give a best summary on what she discussed with us. Here are points that I stamped on my brain:
• Light toned blue eyeshadows are meant for light toned skin, Medium Blue in to medium toned, and Deep/dark blues are for dark toned skin
• It's easier to work first from lightest blue to darkest blue
Rose toned blushes are better to go with blue eyeshadows
Light pink or natural lip color is good to go with blue eyeshadows as well
• If you want to have a fresh look, put the blush on your cheeks, and if you want to look mature. you can put your blush on the sides of your cheek O_O okay uh.... maybe somewhere close to your ears XD LOL correct me if I'm wrong!
• And this is a good technique for those who have pimple scars. if you're adding blush on an area where there's scarring, it is advised to just do the "bouncing" technique XD you just dam lightly the blush on the cheeks until you get the desired pigmentation/ color then blend it outwards :)
• For Dark Circles! with dry eye area with fine lines, she said it is better to use a liquid concealer and blend it/sweep it inwards :)
• If you want to have a slimmer effect. drag/sweep your foundation downwards, but if you want a smooth canvass, sweep it side ways

There are more things she shared during the workshop, but it is hard for me to post them all up. sorry! XD

Here are some photos from the workshop. I apologize for low quality images for I am just using my Xperia Neo V phone.


the artist and the artista XD LOL

me with Ms. Martha... Ahem, sorry for my very messy look. OMG >_<

Free fooooood~

with the model :)

Okay, I don't have a decent photo here, huh? LOL. But anyway! I really enjoyed and met new blog friends XD

Andrea, Arian, Kate, and Kristine to name a few ^_^ Go visit their blog as well and follow em ^_^

and Kristine doesn't have a blog XD

Anyway, Thank you for Ms. Martha and Ms. Jen (Brand Manager of ShiseidoPH) for having us in their event. Hoping to attend more more events to learn new things and meet awesome people :)

Follow Ms. Martha on

And oh! the loot~ <3 XD Too bad I wasn't able to purchase anything with the exclusive 15% off for the attendees T_T waaah~ imma soon get the Pureness line for my acne x oily skin XD LOL wish me luck!

follow me on instagram~ @lizcarlett ^_^ so that's basically it! XD Thanks again for having me Ms. Martha and Shiseido! I really enjoyed ^_^ More power!

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