Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 2012 Tony Moly Haul

Hi! It's been a while~ and I'm back! LOL

So, I and my sister went to SM Megamall to CHECK some products at Tony Moly. Take note, CHECK. Meaning, to just see what's new in TM but will not buy anything. But... I~ end up buying stuff ~_~ They're on SALE! Cmon~ everyone love sale. 

Here's what we/I got from Tony Moly last November 4...

Puretox Cleansing Tissue (Sale), Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream, Intense Care Snail Foam Cleanser (Free~! if you purchase at least 2000php), Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist, Luminous Sheer Base (Sale), Clear Water Lip & Eye Remover, and Party Lover Base Mascara

I forgot their original prices so I can't compare but! as far as I can remember, the prices are half of the original price. Yeah~ I spent 2k in one kaching! Well, I don't normally do that XD so it's a first for me. :P Well, it's still a good buy since I got something for free >:D haha!

The sales lady told me that the reason for putting certain products on sale is because TM is planning to change the packaging of the products. Ooooooh~ Let me repeat that again, change the PACKAGING~ but same content ;)

Okay~ Let me give you a preview for each products

Puretox Cleansing Tissue (My first ever!)

Puretox Cleansing Tissue removes make-up residues and impurities to provide refreshingly clean skin 
^ that's what't written on the cover of the tissue. Nothing much to say about this product since everything written at the back is in korean! Hope I can read 'em.

Next is the oh-so-famous
Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

Yeah, sooo... it's a peeling cream XD there's nothing written in english on the leaf so I can't give you any write ups and such. This is my 2nd "bottle". XD yeah I repurchased it! I'll make a review on this soon along with the Tomatox ;)

Pocket Bunny Sleek Mist (My first ever!)

Again, there's no english indications for this one. But, the sales rep of TM told me that it's meant to be used before or after make up... hmm..... they have 2 variants for this, this one is for moisturizing and the other is for anti shine which is in blue. Im not sure! I forgot ~_~ but the only thing i remember is that I got this one for its moisturizing thingy.

Clear Water Lip & Eye Remover (My first ever!)

it will remove your eyes and lips! beware! kidding XD LOL So yes, it's a make up remover. This is good for removing your eye make up such as shadows and eyeliners. Will make a separate review for this one.

Specialized lip & eye make-up remover which gives smooth and moist touch around the sensitive lip & eye area.

Gah! I wish all TM products have english indications with them... ~_~ LOL

Party Lover Luminous Sheer Base ((My first ever!)

This is a sheer moisture base which enhances continuity and adhesiveness of base makeup and pearl in color reproduces skin splendid and sheen (What?)

Anyway, this is my first ever make up base. I'm supposed to get the one that Majolica Majorca has since it's highly recommended by my BFF. LOL I will still purchase it though XD

Party Lover Base Mascara

I don't really use base for my mascara. The first base that I got... I think it's from Revlon. I really can't remember XD Yeah I just got this to complete 2000Php to avail their free product for that minimum purchase thingy.

That's everything that I purchased from TM last Nov. 4... And honestly, It's my first time to spend 2000Php in one kaching for korean products. I always limit myself from buying makeups that much in one go... Especially unnecessary ones. I am not rich yknow~ I'm still teaching myself to save! ;) plus, I don't really put make up every single day.

And yes! the reason why I got the mascara. dun dun dun~!

Intense Care Snail Foam Cleanser

Oh yeah~ I think this is a bit pricey (not sure coz I'm really not interested in buying foam cleansers). And yeah, it's one of TM's promo if you reach 2000Php worth of prods. The other one is the Floria Facial Wash I think which you'll get if you purchase around 1000Php. XD

So, that's it! My Tony Moly Haul for November. I'll be doing reviews for some of the products soon~ Maybe next month? LOL XD who know who knows.

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