Monday, November 19, 2012

My Pink Hair Journey with Palty Hair Dyes (Hard Bleach Golden Brown & Sparkling Blonde), Etude House Bubble Gold Blonde, and Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

Hey babies! Finally~ My pink hair journey~ Okay.... First of, this is not a review review. Maybe I'll sight some comments about the products but won't get in to details about it. So... Here we go...

Let me show you the "timeline" of my hair XD

So I started of with a deep brown color... residue from my past hair coloring. LOL.... to make it blonde I used Palty Hair Dye in Hard Bleach Golden Blonde which I made a review, here

Then I decided to test! the manic panic in Hot Hot Pink...

Here's a clear view of it..

Haha! I just remembered Avril Lavigne with this one. LOL. anyway moving on~

Then I had this urge~ to make my whole head pink. LOL well that's my original plan anyway... 

I'm actually itching to try Etude House Bubble Hair Dye in Blonde for sooooo long... I've waited for it actually. Then when I finally saw it in Watson's, I immediately grabbed one and paid for it. I was so damn excited coz I am a fan of EH products. And my hopes are really at it's height! But after using it... I got REALLY REALLY DISAPPOINTED! super to the point that I cursed on it. >_< I really hated it.. It made my hair darker! which it should make my hair lighter! Since my hair is already light, I am expecting that layering it with another bleach dye will make it lighter. BUT DAMN! It made me so "angry" coz It's like I went back to zero >_< Hay... I don't recommend their bleach bubble dye. Haven't tried the other colors though so I really can't tell. But Ill try to make a separate review on that one.. >_<

But I didn't stop there... I still have that strong feeling of having my hair pink. So I purchased another Palty Hair dye at, in Sparkling Blonde. I beleive that it is the lightest bleach that they have. Will make a separate post for that later.

I dunno, It didn't do much... Maybe because~ I used it after few days I had EH. Idk... Yeah~ my hair is already deaaaaaaad~ I don't really care.... I really want my hair PINK! That's what all matters to me... Here's how it looks like after I used Palty Sparkling Blonde...

Yeah it did make my hair lighter but not much~ not much... But the hell! lol... Oh, but it made the bottom part of my hair super light... note: my bottom part is pre bleached from the salon a year ago sooo it's more dead than the upper part of my hair. So anything that will be applied on that part will be more vivid and brighter...

Loooook at that beauty! I just wished that the upper part of my hair is as light as that T_T LOL but mehhh~ too late to regret... anyway... So with no further ado... I immediately dyed my hair pink after the Palty Sparkling Blonde. My first pink haiiiiir attempt. oops.. 2nd i mean.. XD

ohhhh~ it matches my lip color XD :)) Its a bit magenta-ish in front coz of course~ I applied it on my own. ahaha! Here's a photo of the back part.

uneven hair color alert! LOL but it is pretty cool~ as you can observe~ the lower part is more pink than the top part. The top part has this orange-y tone to it. But! I still find it soooo coool~ XD I had that color for weeks before I decided to re-apply another layer of pink to make it a bit more.... lighter and vivid... so... here's a preview..

its more of light pink than magenta... Well... I don't really like the Hot Hot Pink color... I wanted something more lighter or more pink-sh color.. So what I did, I added conditioner on the hair dye to make it more lighter... Techniques~ I got from different blogs, videos, etc. Let me show you a more vivid pink color...

it is sooooooooo~ pink! and I love it! hihi.. :P Sorry for the duck face expression.wahahah! LOL.This is the last pink application I did... at first, I wanted it to stay that bright and vivid, so I added pink in all my hair products just to maintain the color... But I noticed that my hair is getting crispy and dry so after finishing all the hair products that I have pink on it, I went back to using regular ones with no pink in it. So the color is pretty much fading... but it is still pink. Hm... I just have no recent photo of it.. oops wait... I found one~

with my loving sister. I... loook weird~ ahaha my apologies~ still have no sleep on that photo so i look hagard and shit XD hihi so its lighter and some parts are getting orange-ish already... but still... its pink! attention grabber :)) Oh! here's a funny story... on that photo, we were in the grocery then some lady stranger went to us. Then she suddenly asked me if I just got back from japan. ahahhaha! that's not the first time.. The first time that someone mistakenly thought that I'm a balik bayan from japan was in the airport. XD :)) some random lady asked me for japanese coins! OMG :)) seriously??XD

LOL so that's my journey.. :)) OH! the pink hair dye I used is Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink that I got from hihi

So babies, what do you think about my pink hair?XD is it a yes or a no? Let me know what you think.

If you want hair coloring and hair care tips, please comment down below and I'll try to make a post on how I take good care of my dead hair XD LOL...

Oh, fyi, my hair is naturally straight and thin... It is still smooth and shiny after all the things I've done with my hair ;) I still get compliments how my hair is still alive looking and smooth after all the coloring I did. :P haha! IT'S TRUE! Anyway, talk to you soon! ^_^


  1. i love your hair color! :3 too bad I can't do something like this because of the line of work I'm in >_< but anyways, seems like your hardwork finally paid off after failed attempts of getting your hair lighter :)

    can you give me any tips on what color should I choose to put on my hair..because I wanted to achieve a dark brown/ light brown shade >_< My hair is virgin black and I dyed it before with golden brown..It didn't seem to work >_<

    1. hey~ thanks! hihi... yeah, good thing im not employed employed.. XD so having bright colors such as this is no biggie XD

      hm... if golden brown didn't work for you, try tony moly trendy hair bleach... haven't tried it yet though, but i read some good reviews about it. here's a post about it for your reference, hope it helps :) my natural hair color is deep brown and the strand of my hair is pretty thin and soft so it easily absorbs the color. :)

  2. Awesome pink hair! ^o^ Interesting effect Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink has on various shades of blonde. Glad you love it. ^_^ Thanks for purchasing from Funky Streaks and sharing your experience of Hot Hot Pink. Rock on! ^_^

    1. hihi thanks! ill be repurchasing products from your store :) and i always recommend you in every people who asks me where i get my pink hair dye :D more power! hope you'll have more promos soon XD hihi

  3. lucky you ;-; I want pink hair so bad.

    1. hihi thanks~ then why not have it pink? go for it! ^_^

    2. I want but my mom would kill me ;-;

      here's the shop for the naked palette!

      there urban decay album!

      there's a Noel Bazaar! :D till 14 to 23 (I just found this out today!)

      I hope this helps! :)

    3. Thank you Onika chan~ <3 hihi

      nyahaha.. well... she cant do anything when its already pink, right?XD i surprised my parents with my pink hair and all they can do is rant XD but nothings changed XD :))

  4. That uneven coloring is nice! Ombre ang peg! :)
    I wanted to dye my hair in watercolor shades also, but my friend who owns a salon said colors like that fade real fast! Like 2-3 weeks lang! So wag na lang.

    But I do LOVE Etude House Bubble Hair Dyes! I've tried Red Wine, Sweet Orange, and I'm currently on my 3rd box of Gold Blonde! :D


    1. Thanks! Yeah I must say, kelangan tamang alaga if you want to prolong ung color... So lahat halos ng hair prods na gngamit ko that time, i put pink on it XD pero i dont use it everyday. hihi. Oh... i had a bad experience with gold blonde ng etude house. I actually got disappointed on that one :( It gave me a headache, usually nakukuha ko un if sa salon ako ngpapableach. masyadong matapang sakin. ung headache ko lasted for 2-3days... sobrang T_T and it didnt came out the way i expected. so... :( buti ka pa, it works good on you... :)

  5. I love your hair color! Even the fading one looks great on you. Wish I could do that but it's impossible in my country and my office would totally kick me out xD but awesome entry it's so interesting how you managed to bleach multiple times. Bleach pretty much hurt my scalps lol

    1. Hi! Thanks! ^_^ Why is it impossible in your country, if i may ask? Yeah, bleaching does hurt! But it depends on the person doing the bleaching... There are stylists who knows how to make it less painful :) hihi... Thank you for dropping by ^_^

  6. Hi! Can I ask how to bleach hair? :) since my hair is black and I wanted to achieve the right color indicated in the product box. :) thank you!

  7. Well for that matter, i went to a salon to bleach my hair. That would be best. thats what i normally do ^^

  8. won't the bleaching make my hair super dry?