Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Missing U Hand Cream #4 Eastern Grass Owl Story

Missing U Hand Cream #4 Eastern Grass Owl Story

Hey there! Happy New Year everyone~ Hihi. Well, I guess this will be my 1st entry for 2013. Hope you'll enjoy reading this XD

I'm not a fan of hand creams and lotions. I barely use them coz I feel icky with the sticky oily feeling I get from lotions I've used in the past. 

This! This just grrr~ it's just so cuuuuute so I was like "Noooo~ I'm not gonna use it~ why buy~" then the next thing I knew is that I'm in the counter paying for this cute little thing XD Among the 4 variants, the smell of this is the most appealing. I can't really determine what it smells, but it's the sweetest, well for my nostrils, it is the sweetest among the rest~ I think it's supposed to be peach XD :)) 

Uhh yeah I forgot, this hand cream comes in 4 variants

Missing U Hand Cream #1 Eagle Owl Story
I believe this is a strawberry variant... wah sorry i wasn't able to remember all their variants/scents name. ~_~

Missing U Hand Cream #2 Kakapo Story
I got this one too! It's an apple scent if I remember it right. This is the 2nd scent that appeals to my nose. It's smells sweet as well. But #4 is still my fave XD

Missing U Hand Cream #3 Cerulean Warbler Story
The smell of this appealed to my sister. According to her the scent/variant name of this is cotton candy. XD I dunno, the scent reminds me baby powder. It is a subtle smell compare to #4. It's more of a baby smell XD

Missing U Hand Cream #4 Eastern Grass Owl Story (Yellow)
Weee~ the last but def not the least. My fave among them all. The box is cute as well, it's just a normal square box and such. This made the product more appealing and cute. And according to the box, it's peach! lol I didn't noticed that earlier XD My apologies.

So, let me show more photos I took.

The expression looks like it is angry or something. I dunnoooooo~ but it is still cute XD

This made me giggle a bit XD "Why is my head next to my body? errr..." XD the expression fits the photo well. XD

and this is how it looks like, the cream, when you first open it.

My review, yes after all those rambling..

Packaging/Container: 3/5
• Cute and colorful
• A bit bulky so I don't really carry this around since it will take much space in my bag
• It's a "dip-it" type of packaging which I don't really mind, but I still prefer a squeeze it or pump bottle with lotions and creams coz I find it more hygienic.
• The box of the main product is cute as well, as I have mentioned, it's not just an ordinary square box. There's a "window" where you can easily the product itself. It looks more like a bird house XD

Scent: 5/5
• Sweet but not stingy to the nose. It's subtle and just right
• The smell doesn't last long when applied, well I guess it's not created to last that long so it's fine

Consistency: 5/5
• It's not greasy, sticky nor oily when applied and when it dries
• It's creamy but not too creamy that will leave you a greasy feeling
• It feels "soft" and very refreshing in the hands

Product itself: 5/5
• It leaves my hands soft and smooth
• If you have hands that works roughly than normal, like me, using this every day and night, it will make your hands more moisturized leaving it soft and smooth which I have now after using it for about a week or two

Overall: 5/5!

The only thing is the container =/ I would love to have this on my bag or pocket but I don't normally bring big bags, sometimes I really don't bring a bag at all. That's just it. So I just rest it in my computer table to I can just dip and apply when I'm feeling roughy and shit. XD

I hope this helps. Have you tried this? Let me know what hand creams you use and which ones are your faves. I would love to hear from you and I might try it too. :) 'til next post!~


  1. omg thanks for the review, they are really too cute, once your finished with them, you can use them as a paperweight! haha=D
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    1. Sure~ will follow you back. thanks for reading my post. hihi yeah~ they are so cute! im using them as jewelry case hihi :) very useful indeed. thanks!

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    1. yeaah it is shoooooo cuuuuuute XD i love em XD